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Rack Production Status

We apologize for not having rack models in stock yet. Cycling has become a popular activity the past year and due to exceptional demand, our base rack models are sold out. Manufacturing is an ongoing challenge with higher than usual demand and material shortages, particularly steel and labor. We will keep our web site up-to-date when our manufacturer completes production and a restock date is available to us.

Send us an e-mail to be notified when racks are back in stock. We will begin taking new orders once racks are back in stock and ready to ship. We currently have Rack Add-ons, Hitch-Vise, and Accessories/Parts in stock and available to ship within 1 business day of order receipt.

Thank you for your patience and support.
Hitch Rider Staff

Estimated Restock Dates (Updated 11/23)
1 Trike Rack HRT1-2T
Trike-N-Bike™ Rack TB1-2SBP
Trike-N-Bike™ Rack TB1-2BSA
Double Decker™ Rack 2HRT1-2
Long Bed™ Bike Rack LB1-2
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Non-tilting Recumbent Trike Rack HRT1-2N In stock
Rack add-ons In stock
All Hitch-Vise models In stock
Accessories and replacement parts In stock
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