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Rack Add-ons and Conversions

Trike racks with an add-on compatible rack base can be upgraded or reconfigured for different loads. Rack add-ons telescope into the top of the rack base and secure with two hex set corner bolts on the side of the rack base.

Rack add-ons are not compatible with the Long Bed™, Truckee™ Switch, or other rack models without the tilting trike rack base.

Model Price

Front Bike Hanging Style Add-on

Converts 1 Trike Rack and Double Decker Rack to Trike-N-Bike hanging style rack.

$195Add to OrderIn stock

Double Decker Top Add-on

Converts 1 Trike Rack and Trike-N-Bike Rack to Double Decker Trike Rack.

$380Add to OrderIn stock

Rack Stabilizer Mast with Strap

Provides a sturdy stabilizer strap attachment point on 1 Trike Rack.

$90  Add to OrderIn stock

Read important safety information before ordering.
DD-Top is for transporting tadpole style trikes only.

Shipping and Delivery

Rack add-ons ship within 2-3 business days of order receipt via FedEx Ground. Shipping is automatically calculated by the shopping cart when placing your order online. Estimate delivery date and shipping.

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