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Hitch Bars for Clearing Spare Tires

If you need additional clearance to clear a rear-mounted spare tire and your rack comes with a fixed length base (trike rack models HRT1-2T, 2HRT1-2, TB1-2SBP, TB1-2BSA), our Extender Adapt-a-Rack™ will provide 3 3/8" more clearance.

Extender Adapt-a-Rack

Extender Adapt-a-Rack™ Hitch Adapter
Part # EAAR1-2

  • Extends a 2" receiver 3 3/8" and down sizes to fit 1 1/4" hitch bars.
  • Patented built-in no wobble features.
  • Great for use on hitches that are recessed under bumper and to clear small spare tires.
  • Front ends bolts in 2" receiver for semi-permanent installation. Install and remove rack/carrier from 1 1/4" hitch opening in the back end.
  • Not for towing use. Use only for mounting racks and carriers.

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If your Truckee™ Switch rack model TS1-2 comes with an adjustable length base, use extended length hitch bar EB1-22 or EB2-21 shown below.

Rack hitch bar

1 1/4" Extended Length Hitch Bar
Part # EB1-22

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Rack hitch bar

2" Extended Length Hitch Bar
Part # EB2-21

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